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True Nude:The Project – My Truth

On November 17th 2019 I was involved with Ms. La-shauna (insta @caribbeanartisanbyher) where I could comfortably sit in nudity, make my voice be known, give representation to thick women, yet able to hold my head on society’s terms. This was my way of taking back something that I found was lost.

Body Positive Ambassador Highlight

What does body love/positivity mean to you?
It isn’t about size. It is about health, it is wellness. Loving yourself and your body in all its Glory. That includes eating well and keeping fit.

I Love Myself

How true is that? Can you safely say that you are in love with your self? With the way you look? For years I have struggled with low self-esteem. I targeted my physical self and fixated on why I wasn’t worth being loved and given any attention. Living in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago baby),…

What is your name?

Is my real name Angel Harrt? Hi, welcome to the world of a writer. A name is just a name, or is it? There are many struggles writers encounter. Some daily, others sporadically. Struggles vary from word usage to topics to cover. From book covers to pricing. It’s a struggle and one that isn’t easily…

My 2018 #BodyUp

I am not a ‘Year in Review’ kind of woman. I am not a person to look behind and then look forward. I am more of a reflect and push forward. I started the New Year confident and strong. I started 2018 coming out of my shell and embracing a part of me I thought…

I love you friend

  Losing a close friend, family or child can teach you many lessons. One major lesson is in love. You truly understand how much you really loved them. How much you admired them. How much you cherished their smile, laugh, voice. Even a simple thing as how they touched their chin when thinking of ways…