Lizzo truth really hurts.

She is the topic of conversation on every table. Both male and females flood her shows and sing along to her music.
Indeed Lizzo’s truth does hurt though. Which truth? The one that is blatantly obvious when you look at her.
Lizzo is unapologetically fat. Thick. And she does not hide it. She does not try to share anything else other than her love for herself, in all its thick glory. She doesn’t try to pander to those who dislike thickness in it’s natural form. She isnt trying to be better than anyone or anything. She kust have a bumper that’s #fattt 🍑, and her pocket is now #fattt🍑. (Nadia Batson sang about this and from today my answer to any question would be just that………..#fattt🍑).

But what about the women you see on the streets? Trying to love herself in her shorts and tank top? Did you just snort at her? Or even better, did you just shout out “dress appropriately nah!”.
And that my dear is Lizzo’s truth hurting all of you double standard, bias, unforgivable humans. (I refrained from obscenity because I hope young and old gets an opportunity to read this).
Back to Lizzo. She is in your face, changing the way you view thick, #fattt🍑 voluptuous women. Did you not see that? Of course you did and you will refuse accept it from others because of that double standard, judgemental way you like. Did you not see plain Jane in the streets who does not have a bloody record deal? Yet she is trying to live her best life. Quiet Quinteisha will be mocked even though she has her masters in communication. Smart susie will be called names while she is trying to lose that 30lbs her coworker just deliberately pointed out in front the boss.
But here you are, showing all the love for Lizzo. Embracing her thick-xy (thickness and sexy). You are even saying how you love the way she expresses herself but let Angel show some tigered stripe stomach or a little extra boobs (no nipples), she will be blasphemed from now until the apocalypse.
How are you gonna be so contented with Lizzo’s body love expression and in the same breath dislike Angel’s body love expression? How can you #reshare Lizzo’s performances yet not beat an eye to Angel who is sharing her body love story with every one?
The same eyes and thumbs you give Lizzo, give to everyone out there. Fat. Slim. Short. Tall. Stop it. Stop making it good for one but bad for the others. Every where you go #fattt🍑 people findnit hard to be themselves and now Lizzo has brought the truth right to your doors.
Love both. Unconditionally. So the next time you wanna turn your nose up, stare and point to #fattt🍑 gyal, ask yourself, does this hurt or not?

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