Angel Life

Angel Harrt is a single mother of two children. She lives in Trinidad & Tobago. Born in Point Fortin yet lived most of her life in Morvant. Growing up in both areas has taught her how to maneuver and survive the fast-paced lifestyle, as well as the easy life of a country woman.  

Angel loves words and creating a world where others can get lost in. Her desire is to create a safe space for others to imagine, dream, and live their reality, through words. She also has a love for music and while she may not own any directly, she believes her life sings to her.

She has had several short stories published in Sunday Punch in 2014.

Currently she has four indie published ebooks on Amazon.

Titled – All her Panty Exposed – (Paperback Version)

Angel’s Naughty Corner – ,

My Big Fat Book of Poems -, and

The Boxer and The Writer –