I Love Myself

How true is that? Can you safely say that you are in love with your self? With the way you look?

For years I have struggled with low self-esteem. I targeted my physical self and fixated on why I wasn’t worth being loved and given any attention. Living in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago baby), where the culture to make jokes about everything didn’t help either. It was horrific.
Being made fun of, being told constantly about weight gain and how I wasn’t as cute in the face, broke down every confident bone I may have had. It didn’t happen immediately. This took years of constant snide comments being made by those around you. Even your immediate family can contribute to your life self esteem. They can be the first line of people some of us have to build a defense toward. Constantly being ridiculed from their lips broke barriers in my confidence. Mentally. Yet if you met me I would be smiling, having fun and enjoying being alive. I would be the one helping with organising games to play at a party, or pouring the drinks, or organising little get-togethers. Masking myself behind others and a facade that ‘all was well’. Until I had to really look at myself through a Facebook page. A page that focused on the celebration of different body types and different ethnicities.
It wasn’t until I had to interact with other people, cheering them on, sharing a physique like my own, reading and responding to some about their self-esteem, that I had to take a serious look at my own personal beliefs. Then it occurred to me, ‘I don’t have to be to everyone’s cup of coffee, or tea, or flavoured water’ and I was okay with that. I couldn’t continue to uplift others while that hurt was still in me. How authentic would that be? How true would my words be to those who I am helping. At some point I would have to reprogram myself on how I view my naked self to project that confidence and love for self Authentically. Today I can say that now with confidence.

I Love Myself. I love that my skin is so tight and not flabby. I love the melanin flavour. I love that my breasts are naturally an ‘F’ cup even though one looks bigger than the other. I love those squiggly lines on my tummy and the jagged line that reminds me of my two children. I love it. You should also.
You should love that lil muffin top you got slim chick. Or that beauty spot on your face. Or that unique way you have in smiling. No one else can smile like you do. No one else have that gap between their teeth. It may be similar to others but it still belongs to you. It still belongs to the person who wears it daily. You are the one who needs to get comfortable with yourself. With what you have been told is a flaw.
Know matter your size, your colour, your personal taste in rappers (I prefer Eminem), love thy body as you want others to love themselves. Do not make anyone tell you that you are not pretty enough, sexy enough, beautiful enough. Every single physicality that someone says is a flaw is not. You were created unique to the rest of the other billion humans on the planet.

You are amazing.
You are generous.
You are unique.
You are captivating.
You are intelligent.
You are worth it.

What’s your best physical feature? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Calvin Collymore - Reply

    Beautiful message of self worth for if u don’t love your self how can u love others because as u find fault in yourself so u would judge others

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