Body Love Ambassador 8

Name Neece


Insta @sopranomusings

Fav colours? Blue

High cut or thong? ??? Boy cut shorts

Fav food? Soul food

Hobby? Yoga, writing, photography, and listening to music.

Pants, skirt, or dress? Pants

Fav vacay spot? Haven’t found my favorite vacation spot yet.

5 items you will carry on a road trip? ID, Bottled water, MP3 Player, Phone, and Phone Power Pack.

One place you would like to visit or live? I would love to visit Africa someday.

Fav body part? My lips

What makes you smile? Dad jokes, puns, and seeing the sunrise.

How do you handle body shaming? Depends on my mood and how I want the person to learn from trying to body shame in the first place. Either way it will be a teachable moment, because that person will walk away knowing that what they tried to do was not okay and will not be accepted.

Which body positive model would you like to have a shoot with? Angel Harrt

What does body love/positivity mean to you? Being body positive to me means learning to love your body. To learn to not speak ill of your body, but instead celebrate all of its flaws. To have an honest dialogue with yourself about your body, so that you can see the beauty in it and learn to seek out the beauty in others.

What is your personal motto? Do no harm, but take no shit.

Model: Neece

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