Body Love Ambassador 7

Name Alana Harrington

Alana Harrington

Insta @teddyharrington

Fav colours? Pink

High cut or thong? High cut

Fav food? Pelau

Hobby? Swimming

Pants, skirt, or dress? Dress

Fav vacay spot? Anywhere that is quiet and has either a pool, river or a beautiful beach.

5 items you will carry on a road trip? Hmmm, never really thought about it.

One place you would like to visit or live? Dubai

Fav body part? Butt

What makes you smile? Good company

How do you handle body shaming? I don’t take on the negative

Which body positive model would you like to have a shoot with? Don’t really know any.

What does body love/positivity mean to you?

What is your personal motto? Do onto our there as you would like done to you.

Model: Alana Harrington

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