Body Love Ambassador 5

Name Leah Armstrong

Leah Armstrong

Insta @leaharmstrongdotcom

Fav colours? Yellow, black, pink and melanin

High cut or thong? High cut

Fav food? Cheesecake

Hobby? Self love advocate, writing and travelling

Pants, skirt, or dress? Dress

Fav vacay spot? Dream spot is Africa

5 items you will carry on a road trip? Water , Glow Spray , Lip Balm , Writing Pad ,Sweet desserts.

One place you would like to visit or live? Jamaica

Fav body part? All of it but if I had to choose, Lips & Boobies.

What makes you smile? Women Empowering themselves by Authentically

How do you handle body shaming? Sometimes Educate sometimes Ignore and Show Them my Self Love is unshakable .

Which body positive model would you like to have a shoot with? Jamie XI, Latoya Walker

What does body love/positivity mean to you? To be Fully living in acceptance and love of one self to embrace that your imperfection is your true beauty ! Loving my body is being the Hero I searched for all along as a little black girl growing up. That I am the Love I have seeked and long for and my body deserves it all for she is my best friend for life .

What is your personal motto? Why Fit in when you were born to stand out

Model: Leah Armstrong

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