Revenge over Love -chap 2

Dasia found it easy to lure the men to her hotel room. Her sexy skin tone screamed minority to her victims. They saw her and felt the need to protect. Her darkened melanin, light brown eyes and au natural hair made men gravitate easily to her. Her thick thighs were always adorned with stilettos. A thing she noticed men seem to like especially from their stewardess. She acted like she did not care for them, even though her focus were mainly on doctors. Hurting them as Doctor Sylvan did to her over a period of time.

Doctor Sylvan took that first opportunity to break down barriers between them. He had built a trust with her and she felt that she needed to reciprocate and show her appreciation. She never told anyone about that encounter. Sad thing is, she didn’t remember much though as she was high on meds. She did remember his hand caressing her. Comforting her and his voice accompanying the gesture. She didn’t, however, remember the specific act that was done that first time.

The second time Doctor Sylvan went a little further by letting her experience her first orgasm. She knew that is what it was only after the incident. Doctor Sylvan called her late an evening when the skies were turning an orange. Reminding her of the trees outside that kept turning when the climate was hot which was why she remembered the time of day. On days like that she wished she could sit in the pool for the entire time.

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