Revenge over Love – chap 3

Dasia noticed the doctor as she shimmied by, missing the other cabin member’s shoulder by a smidgen. All part of her routine. She would shimmy her way around, wink at him and even bend lower in his vicinity. All this she did while harbouring a horrible headache.

The pain was not uncontrollable but it just didn’t seem to go away. When she thought she had gotten a hang of it, the throbbing would intensify for a few minutes then return to what she was now considering normal.

It was weeks now since she found a doctor to be with. Weeks since her last episode. She knew she needed to release just a little tension. ‘Maybe the headache was one of a pressure build up?’, she thought to herself. She turned with a brief smile, to the idiotic cosmetic surgery doctor to hopefully help remove the pain, even for a brief moment.

The other girls on the flight, while they were all beautiful, they lacked the exoticism of her look. Her colour alone had passengers confused. She had purposely seeked out an airline that hired a small number of darker skinned members. This way she would always stand out from the crowd of members. She also was very fluent in languages so learning or mimicking accents became her thing. There stopover would be two days in Paris, she could do with spending that time with the doctor. Someone requested a cabin crew personnel and she responded, only to be faced with the doctor on board.

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