Revenge over Love – chap 1

Dasia sits by the window of the balcony, overlooking the cars and lights speeding through the city. She has a cigarette in her hands but it’s unlit. She puts it in her mouth, drags in a deep breath and lets out a sigh. She turns and takes a look at the bed she just shared with him. Next to the bed, on the night stand are two pills she needs to take. She knows she must take them to survive. She knows that without those two saviours, she would become unraveled. Her reluctance is known only to her, but she must get up and take those before any other decisions has to be made.

She drags her feet to the bed, lifts her companion’s hand and places it on his leg, sits on the bed and swallows the two pills. Now she needs at least 15 minutes of sleep for the medication to take hold. It always seemed like 15 minutes were too much but it was needed. Anything before would result in horror for her. She could never function properly right after taking those things. She needed 15 minutes of silence, and so she laid down next to the cold body. Relaxing just for a bit to gain her composure.

Where she came from they never gave her time to recover from the meds. She didn’t get her time to recharge after taking the allotted pills. She was forced to ‘function’ and mingle with the ‘others’. Now that she was on her own she can do things differently. She can take her pills in quiet, relax and then face the world with smiles and hugs. She looked at the man laying next to her and shrugged. He was pretty handsome but he just was not the one she was looking for. ‘All of them had to go’, her mind whispered, ‘all of them did this to you’. She knew where her thoughts was going and rolled over on the bed to face the window she abandoned a few minutes before. He was not the one but all of them were bad. Bad to the core and all of them had to pay. She closed her eyes succumbing to her pills and hoped for a better day.

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