Overcoming your Image



I was once on a Facebook page that dealt with being a thicker female in society. This page was run by others who considered themselves BBW lovers, and BBW. During my stint I had to promote the love for body and image. Redefine the ideas people had, speak with women who considered themselves as worthless, help encourage women and men whose idea and thoughts were one of dislike for themselves and their body. I was also using this space to gain more writing experience and get myself known. While helping and guiding I found even more love for myself.
Reason? I was surrounded by both people who loved, admired and made affirmative comments about themselves, while helping others to reclaim their own personal confidence. Simple. I surrounded myself with people, who instead of dragging my personality and character, build and boosted my outlook of myself and life. It was infectious and I was loving the days until the page was shut down.
Verbal encouragement was not enough. I started posting pictures of myself for others to view and comment. Yes, you did get haters, but those were few and never tolerated. I was in a space with like-minded persons who just wanted a haven to share their secrets with. They were ashamed and needed the confidence boost. Just like I did, just like some of us do.
Find people who will build you. People who will inspire and applaud your efforts as you grow into your own image. Do not let others define what is right for you. What they consider to be their truth may not be yours. Find your own. Walk in it. It won’t happen overnight, but now you are not alone. You have another voice to add to your affirmations and declarations. The journey may be long but you won’t be alone with positive persons holding your hand along the way.

Welcome to Body Up. Welcome to a sanctuary where the thicker woman can rest with ease.

Stay beautiful!!


📸 cred by Christian Hume

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