The scars I didnt carry.


I’ve come a long way. I’ve endured words spewed at me and I’ve encountered love in few that graced my presence. All in all I’ve lived to see another day.
There was a time I would refrain from certain activities due to words. Words affected my inner core. It ate my flesh and gnawed at the marrow if my bones. Words hurt, and yet when humanity fixed their eyes on me, they saw smiles and joy and me embracing myself and being happy. Not understanding that I had scars, wounds that never healed. Or healed fast enough.
Then I saw myself in a mirror. I searched for those wounds that I knew were there. I examined every inch of my delectable body. Every fold and curve was viewed in the mirror, seeking the incision of each harmful word that was voiced. I realise. I had zero.
Zero cuts. Zero bruises. I was free of flesh hanging and exposed, bone being seen. I was free. Then my reality changed.
People will talk. They will say all manner if evil to you. But they are just words. Just words that can cause disruption, but if you believe in the words it will drive you insane. Believe in your truth, your ideas, your reality. Stand on what you want for yourself. A better job, better life, better world. Let your reality always show forth because their words can’t puncture your flesh. Just dust them off and continue your journey. You are the owner of your mental stability and your life. Live it pleasing to you.

Be you because you are unique.


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