Vance and Kensington (teaser)

Vance wasn’t sure how to invite Kensington to this house party he heard about. Thing is, it wasn’t something he usually went to, but since meeting her, many of his ideas about life had changed.

“Do you trust me Kensington?” He asked while touching her thigh. He never got enough of the feel of her skin. The soft flesh that his fingers would glide over.

“Hmmmm, yes I do.” She turned toward him. Baring her breast to his eyes. His pupils dilated and she saw the hunger flame in them. Yes, that’s exactly how she wanted him everyday. Smokey eyes focused on her. She created that intensity and she was the only one to out the flames that glowed in his eyes.

“Then we need to get ready for a party. It’s in San fernando. Near Gulf City. ”

She was never invited to a party with him before. She never questioned what kind, but she knew she wanted him before they made there way to the party.

“Before we leave, there is something I must do……” Her voice trailed and she brought her face closer to his. Kissing him fully on his lips. Bringing her hand to his he’s. Dragging him closer. Her tongue stuck out to touch his and he answered back. Mirroring her movements simultaneously touching every part of her body he could.

He wasn’t surprised when she reached out and touched his hardness. He was more enthralled with when she hovered for three (3 ) seconds then slunked down on him. He didn’t expect it and there wasnt time for all of that really. She had taken control and he let her have her fun. Rocking into him, raising off a little and exposing him just before sinking again. Repeating those moves. He was enjoying it fully. Most times he directed her, but not tonight. He welcomed her direction and encouraged it. His thoughts going to the party he was taking her.

Trinidad and Tobago was a small island. People were not fully aware of the actions of some of it’s country men after dark. While they may search the internet for pornography, they kept it very secret to their public lifestyle. He knew Kensington was different, he just wasn’t one (1) hundred percent sure of how open she would be to this.

His focus was back on her now as he felt the stir in his loins pulling him back to his present situation. She was riding him hard and moaning even harder against him. His hands gripped her soft tissues by her waist as he himself grinded upward. He wanted to cum at the same time she did. He waited to feel the extra clench and said in a muffled tone, “cum with me babe.” It was enough for her and they bother exerted there energies at the same time. He wanted her pliable and easily accessible to tonight’s shenanigans.

They got ready and was on their way. Leaving the north coast to head south of the border. Kensington was enjoying the scene. Watching the world swish by. Knowing that Vance was near and he was never leaving her again. Ever.

“Where are we going again?”

“San Fernando babe. A house party.”

“Cool. I hope I’m dressed proper.”

She had on a tiger striped dress with a slit on each side. No underwear, courtesy Vance, and her black pumps that she knew he liked, and was her favourite pair after all.

“You look perfect Kensington. Don’t worry ok.” He squeezed her hand as reassurance. She smiled and continued enjoying the lights swirling into each other while Vance drove.

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