How do you treat others in a crisis?

Someone said those words in caption to me. Since then, I’ve made it my mantra. ‘It’s always how you treat the other person in a crisis.’ (I’ve changed it around a bit). But this is what I got from those words.

Too many times we think about what we want others to do for us, and we don’t think about what we do for them. How do we treat them? How do we handle that crisis with them involved?

This can be applied to every circumstance, every relationship, every situation. However we have become selfish and self involved and always wanting.

Let us try to give to another person today. We were taught to ‘do unto others as we would want others to do unto you’. It’s just as saying ‘karma will come and bite you in the butt’.

If you confess you love, admire and appreciate another, then never let them change ur habits or love. Continue to show them what your love definition is. This way you learn to grow and become selfless and more attuned to those around you.

‘Its never about the situation that we are facing, but rather how we choose to treat those situations and the people involved in them with us.’ (

Stay focused. Stay beautiful. Stay true.


  1. Denny - Reply

    I read this and for some reason….myself comes to mind. Not giving myself praise. But just being realistic. When life gives you lomons….you use them wisely…not only for lemonade…Cause you might still need sugar or honey.

    Yet still I try my best to help and support those who are far off in a worse situation than myself. I keep saying and thinking about those in need.

    I guess my faith is strong enough to carry my burdens.

    Thanks for sharing Angel. You are and continue to inspire many.

  2. Anton Sandy - Reply

    Not that I’m lost for words but this has hit home real.hard and I wish this could be share in all languages. Wonderful work continue to change the world but by it

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