“When writing erotica what do you think about?”

Always a question that is posed to me and I always, always pause.
There was a time I placed my thoughts and sexuality in a space where it would not be able to bring shame. That’s how I used to view sex. That’s how I used to view nakedness. As a shameful act. Not a shared experience. Not as something beautiful to be shared with someone you would like to connect with on a different level. I was taught that sex is an act that would bring disgust and make one immoral.
Why am I not answering the question? Because these thoughts of immirality and shamefulness needed to be replaced with empowerment. These thoughts needed to be removed and replaced with a new idea. A new notion. A new way of thinking what is sex. A new way if viewing the act and even it’s symbolism.
How can one be empowered by sex? How can sex be defined as empowerment? (Ahhh, another question I will answer when I can.) For now let’s stick to my thoughts while writing now. That I am free from this bondage.
In renewing my mind I started to understand myself and my body. What would I like? What would I want? I started to step out of my comfort zone and into the areas where I had suppressed. (We may think ignoring our appetites is what is required, but facing them will bring more satisfaction.)
This by no means created promiscuity. I became comfortable in asking for what I wanted, and even thinking of things that I may like or wanted to try. In opening myself to experience sex where I embraced the use if the word and act, words flowed from my finger tips to my writing apparatus.
What are my thoughts when placing pen to paper, or thumb to device? All the years of suppression and ‘bottled feelings of anxiety’ created a mind that wanted to express itself. Hence I write. I write my thoughts. Things I want. Thigs experienced, or what other persons have shared with me. I focus my energy on who I would like to be or what I would like to read, and write.
What are your thoughts when you write?

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