Unfaithful – Poetry

Most of you may know about this

When the other woman calls

She gives you the impression she’s the best

Flawless makeup, best body and all

Your mobile rings with your favourite song

On the other end you are surprise

It’s an explanation so long

“That’s my man, stay away from him!

You better watch your back!”

In disbelief you listen well

Putting your emotions intact.

But after the initial shock of abuse

Being hurled your way,

You cut her off with a commanding tone,

So she will listen to what you have to say.

“Do you know he has a child; a home a dental plan

And my name are on every form?

If he dies right now, God forbid

I would reap the benefits, ‘Tis the norm”

Do you know the days he ius sick

Unable to work or rise?

No? Sorry my dear

I’m not easily surprised.

Back and forth this ‘tete-a-tete’

Went on for a couple minutes more,

Then reality stepped in that it’s not her fault

Someone I trusted ducked out the door.

Someone I opened my doors to

Gave access to my heart

Revoked the trusted vow made

Broken bonds, now are apart.

So I rushed her off the phone

With a “Holla at your boy girl”

Then planned my vengeance on the one

Who expletives I wanted to hurl.

He walked into our sanctuary

Smiling to me with ease,

Unknown to him my anger

I would be venting to feel appeased.

My plan was a very simple one

Wait until he settles

But the boil in my tummy

I really didn’t stand the mettle.

So I cursed, I screamed, I yelled and cried

To this man I thought I knew

Betrayal, mistrust and hurt for what was done

Abusive words I did spew.

I asked simply about the life we chose

Thinking we did together

He could not give me a clear reason

He just could not answer.

So I slapped and kicked, threw dishes at him

Not caring about his pain

My thoughts were to kill, to show him his death

To slaughter and to slain

This was wrong, ‘you duped me’ I said

This you were doing all this time

Making me think life was fun

That everything was grand

But another has tasted what once was mine,

The sweetness I used to savour,

Exploring your body, your mind your soul

Someone else knows your flavor.

All I am asking is an explanation

Just give me a simple reason

You crept out the back, didn’t think about us

And done this horrid treason.

No matter what has been done, its done

My trust won’t ever be bought

For you lied and deceived not just her, but me

So deal with your distraught.

I gave all I could, I invested my time

You cant say I ever held back.

But today you learn the price of infidelity

This life is now off the track.

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