The Road to Kensington (excerpt)

“Hi Skye. ”
I answered with less enthusiasm than a sloth. I was not in any mood to be friendly especially to Skye who was enjoying her life. Charles had carried her on a vacation in Paris recently. She was in ecstasy and I was in mourning.
“You have got to get out of bed girl. Urgh.” Skye seemed distracted with her reply.
“What you want now?”
I gritted the question through clenched teeth.
“He is here.”
I knew who ‘he’ was and I forgot what air I should inhale for a moment. I passed out for a second.
“Have you seen him?”
I whispered, unable to say his name. A name I haven’t said in weeks. Or was it days?
“Heading to see him now. With Charles. They are friends you know.”
I knew that. I wanted to see him. I wanted to inhale his musky scent. I wanted to kneel at his feet and await his reward. Well in this case it would be my punishment.
“When did he get here?”
“Not sure. Think yesterday. Charles said he wasn’t well so we are going to drop off a few items for him.”
“Umm. Lemme know if he is okay.”
“Girl, you gonna see him?”
She wasn’t aware of our relationship. She knew what I had told her. I wasn’t able to handle the long distance relationship. She knew nothing of our ‘playtime’.
“Nah. It’s fine. Just…..message when you see him.”
“Aight. Gonna finish getting ready. Muah.”
I was still holding the phone near my ear listening to nothing. He is in Trinidad. Would he come see me? He won’t. He might. He could. He won’t. I settled with won’t. Maybe if I listen well I would hear Skye on the other side of the mobile chatting with him about the femme fatale he was posing with.
It’s not gonna happen Kensington. Just forget him. After eight weeks of no contact you would think the idea of Vance would be diminished. Nope. He was still alive and in her mind.
She had taken a week off work. She couldn’t force the smiles anymore. It was now the hardest thing to do. She had spent two days in the house. Sleeping. Crying. Yearning. This was her third day of her time off and she still felt lost without him.
Kensington heard her mom calling her from a distance. She was actually outside her bedroom door. But her pillow was over her ear. She was blocking the noise of the world. Craving for silence so her brain would stop working and maybe, just maybe the silence would drown the thoughts of Vance and his effect in her.
“Yes mom.”
“Someone outside to you K. A man.”
Only one man would dare visit her at her home. Only one man would take time to see her in person. He was here. He was here! He was here?
She scrambled off the bed and tripped heading to the door. Forgotten was hair, puffy eyes and day old clothes. He had come to see her. Why? The ‘why’ stopped her from continuing her short journey but she had already reached her destination. Or he had already seen her out her bedroom door and in his purview.
She slowly walked toward him and brushed her finger tip against his bushy face. A smile found her lips and she rejoiced inside knowing the cause of her pain was directly in front her and within her reach.
With her touch he turned his face toward her tips and found his comfort.
“Hi Kensington.”
“Hi Sir.”
She didn’t falter. She didn’t stutter. She didn’t hesitate to address him as who he is. To her.
He was pleased. He smiled and took her hand from his face.
“May we speak.”
“Yes Sir.”
With his hand clasped on hers, she guided him to her bedroom. Her mother had just witnessed the entire exchange and knew he was the reason why her daughter was in such a heightened state of emotion. She turned and left the house. Giving them a privacy she wasn’t even sure what kind they needed.
The click of the door got Kensington scared now. Should she kneel and wait on him or continue standing holding his hand. She knelt. Head down. She waited.
Vance sighed in relief. He knew what this meant to him. She knew what she was doing. Asking his forgiveness. Asking him to forget the trouble and move forward. But he had to punish her for what she had done. He didn’t tell her to stop. She made that decision on her own.
“Kensington. Why are you kneeling?”
His hand had reached out touching her hair. She hadn’t combed it in days. He saw how messy it was. He felt it also. He smiled unknown to her.
“I am and will always be your sub Sir.”
She spoke with much more confidence than her initial replies since they met.
“Hmmm. As my sub, did you behave appropriately?”
He was talking to her, touching her head and face, all the while his belt was being taken from his waist.
She knew what was coming soon, however it didn’t stop her from taking that position. She had to be punished. It all meant he cared and he was willing to forgive her. He didn’t tell her to get up. She would’ve died if he had said to raise. He accepted her stance. Knees and head down. She was watching his shoes.
“No Sir. I have been a bad girl.”
“Yes you have, but my bad girl Kensington. Don’t ever forget that.”
She heard him smile when he answered. She relaxed a little, sitting on her heels now.
“Yes Sir.”
She had gotten comfortable too fast. His tone had changed and his voice sounded angry.
She stood. Scrambling to her feet and still looking down. His feet had moved. Shoes disappeared. She waited to hear his voice.
“Come her.”
He had stopped using her name and resorted to belching out orders. He was angry. She knew that and he had all rights to be upset. He was sitting on the bed and she walked toward him. Nestled between his legs.
“Turn Kensington.”
She turned her back to him. He pulled her shorts down to her ankles then spoke.
“Why did you do it?”
She couldn’t answer. She couldn’t find words to express herself. She stood still waiting on him to………what?”
With the one word uttered, she felt leather sting her ass.
It stung. She was expecting it yet the tears formed at the crease of her eyes. It pained but it meant more to her at that moment. He cared and she was still his to reprimand.

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