Slipping and falling and apologizing.

Taken from Facebook from writer Keir Alekseii.

Slipping, and falling, on the wet concrete was not unexpected. Slipping, and falling, in love. Well, that was a different story. But slipping and falling into her vagina, was a whole other level. Did he think I’d believe that anime inspired drivel? Better yet, did I give that kind of vibes that I’m easily persuaded and was that clingy, and needy?
Focusing on his words again I tried to listen without bias. He was watching me, not with intent, but like a dog. Like a puppy more or less. One you just found biting your shoes and had to reprimand, yet was cute so you felt a little sorry for them. Yup, he looked like a cute puppy, searching for a piece of meat from his owner, and validation.
Okay, what was he explaining now, with the hands flailing and the gestures.
“Honey, she came on to me. I was sitting in the chair, and she sat on top of me”.
Wait he was where? At a strip club? All those shimmy and slide, with hands running down the side of my legs, hair flip and twirl, and he still had the audacity to go to a strip club? The nerve of the dog to take his act in the streets. Well, dogs do like to wander. I should forgive him this third time. After all, it is the third act and in theater, all productions do end on the third act. Or was it the forth? Hmmmmm.

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